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FBIS-AFR-94-035 CONTENTS 22 February 1994

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Government Communique Confirms Clashes With Nigeria [Libreville Radio] | Further on Sorder Dispute [AFP] |


Government Reestablishes State of Alert, Curfew (Libreville Radio] Groups Protest Restrictions /AFP]

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Rwanda Energy Minister Gatabazi Assassinated in Kigali (Libreville Radio] 2 Eight Reported Killed in 20 Feb Demonstrations Radio] 2 Prime Minister Deplores Riots 3 CDR Members Take Hostages at Foreign Minstry [Kigali Radio] 3 UN Offficial Says Government Inauguration To Go Ahead /AFP] 3 EAST AFRICA Eritrea Yemen’s Salih Meets Afewerki, Comments on Accord /Sanaa Radio] 4 Leaves for Jordan [Asmara Radio] 4 Somalia Aidid Discusses Troop Withdrawal With Italian Official (Voice of the Great Somali People) ........ 4

Demonstration Against Cargo Taxes Reported [Voice of the Great Somali People] Official Denounces Abduction of 21 UK Experts /MENA]

REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Negotiating Council Presents New Constitution Package [Johannesburg Radio]

_ Council To Invite Alliance for Talks (Johannesburg Radio]

Issues Statement on Talks /SAPA/

Buthelezi Absent From Meeting aoe Eyed IFP’s Buthelezi Rejects Participation in A]


PAC President Presents Election Manifesto /SAPA] Further on Manifesto ete | Democratic Party Releases Nati Election List /SAPA]

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22 February 1994 2 Sab-Saharan Africa

Holomisa Claims Secret Documents To ‘Sink’ NP {RAPPORT 20 Feb] ANC Canvassers Killed in Attack in Southern Natal (Johannesburg Radio]

Malawi President Banda Reported To Be Critically Ili /SAP. Customs rs Container of Arms From South [London International]




22 February 1994


22 February 1994

Government Communique Confirms Clashes With Nigeria

4AB2002095794 Libreville Africa No. 1 in French 0730 GMT 20 Feb 94

[Begin Ndi recording] It is the first time that the Cameroon Government talks about this problem in such

sovereignty Citing in its defense the German-British

decided by the referendum of 1961 eastern Cameroon to the southern part of Cameroon under British trusteeship. The government also cited the Mawa Declaration of 1975 demarcating the maritime borders between the two countries. [end recording]

along with the Apani and Diamant Islands oscapted by along with the Apani and Diamant Islands by Nigerian soldiers since the beginning of the year, lies at the mouth of the Akpa Yafe River which marks the boundary between the two countries.


makeshift roadblocks of tyres and stones in i districts of the Gabonese capital on Tuesday (22 February], protesting at the govern- ment's ordering a new state of alert.

The protests came barely a week after the lifting of previous emergency measures in force since early December. Police removed the barricacles almost as soon as they were put up. Elsewhere in the city traffic was

[Excerpt] Libreville, 22 Feb (AFP)—Small groups demonstrators set up

Energy Minister Gatabazi Assassinated in Kigali

AB220208 1694 Libreville Africa No. 1 in French 0740 GMT 22 Feb 4

[Excerpt] In Rwanda another politician has been assas- sinated. He is Felicien Gatabazi, secretary general of the Social Democratic Party, who was killed last night by

EA2102214694 Radiodiffusion Nationale de la Republique

Here is a report by (Nshimirumuremy):

22 February 1994 CENTRAL AFRICA 3 [Begin (Nshimurumuremy) recording} According to gcn- Republic sealed off the roundabout outside the Ministry darmerie sources from the Nyamirambo Sector, bandits of Foreign Affairs and hoisted their party's flag in front disguised themselves as demonstrators and took advan- of the ministry. The CDR party wants to claim: the seat tage of the confusing situation to houses. The reserved for it in the future National Assmbly, as population did not stand idle, and six of the stipulated in the Arusha Petce Accord. As I spvak to you, bandits. Two other people died during a collision the demonstration is continuing and the personne! from between a vehicle and a motorbike while they were the Ministry of Foreige Affairs and men threatened by tear gas. Among the injured are two and women, are being heli hostage by the demonstra- gendarmes, a warrant officer and 2 corporal, who were _ tors. by a grenade thrown by a dmonstrator in [passage omitted] [end recording] UN Official Says Gov ernment Inauguration To Go Prime Minister Deplores Riots AB2202111494 Paris AFP in English 1041 GMT

ext] The prime mir.ister, Madame Agathe Uwilingiya- (ian, has asked the Ministry of Defenee and the Min [Excerpts] Kigali, 22 Feb (AFP)—Rwandan politicians istry of Justice to carry out an exhaustive investigation prepared to set up a transitional administration into the acts of insecurity perpetrated in Kigali today, so former that those responsible can be punished in accordance despite the overnight murder of a government minister with the laws in force: Let us listen to her. and street protests against the plan. [Begin Uwilingiyi cording) Ladies and gent + pene eg cag heared wnequadbar late Monday, Radio Rwanda reported. by members of some political parties that do not want to | Paramilitary police said Gatabazi was assassinated out-

side his home . The killers, see the implementation of the Arusha Se 1 See Sy Gee vee one

My condolences go to all those whose family members Supporters of parties opposed to the transition may have died in these ignominious acts perpetrated by threw up barricades on several of the enemies of peace. I call upon the services of the main while schools and adminis-

Ladies and gentlemen of Rwanda, be patient. Only two _five people killed here on Sunday, “two or three” during days remain before the establishment of the transitional an opposition demonstration and the others by bandits, re ee eee ee according to a UNAMIR spokesman.

which has been eagerly awaited by the entire Rwandan The radio said had to intervene late Monday to people and the entire international community is 22 _ rescue around 30 officials seized at the Foreign Ministry February 1994. Thank you. [end recording] during a demonstration organised by the Coalition for

Radiodiffusion in French 1800 GMT 21 Feb 94

government ' two {Text} A demonstration by the Coalition for the Defense § 1980s, returned to office in 1999, and was his party's Se ee ee ee eee candidate for the post of public works and energy min- members of the Coalition the of the ,

Treep Withdrawal With Italien ye bi Somali People in Somali 1700 GMT

Aidid Discusses Official

EA1802192294 % ¥4 an ce

Afewerki, Comments cn JN1802175794 Sanaa Yemeni Republic Radio Network

in Arabic 1700 GMT 18 Feb 94

scctiiittieathditaaasis taihnd

abd distn dite eaten Immediately after his arrival, the Presidential Council chairman held talks with President Afewerki on issues of mutual interest and means of bolstering bilater=! coop-

Yemen's Salih Meets Accord

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22 February 1994

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Denies Making Remarks

MB2002052:)94 Johannesburg English 1800 GMT 19 Feb 94

local asd foreign journalists a: Johannesburg's Jan Airport ing a meeting with Swedish Foreign Minister Margareths af Ugglas.

Says Talks Te Continue

MB2002172994 Johannesburg SAPA in English 1551 GMT 20 Feb 94

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fie it Er i i i ER

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ie LE Hey i sree i

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not free of i talk: “We are of prosperity. You can lay your trust in us.”

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He (ine if Hi ‘ll i

IFP, which is self-help and self-reliance.

22 February 1994 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA 9 “We do not want to deceive our youth by promising _ there was the king having control over things that we will not be able to deliver instantly ifwe his He said he saw the best solution as writing become the government,” he said. the king’s sovereignty into a provincial constitution. “The IFP is the that to

Ps 6 Se et ey | can bring prosperity 8 ANC Delegations End ‘Pesitive’ Zale King Addresses Chiefs on Independent State MB1802155494 Radio South Africa

1556 GMT 19 Feb 94 [Report by L. Roderick]

The king, at a meeting with State President F W de Klerk last week announced his plans for secession from South Africa, rejecting participation in the country’s first non-

Minister Meyer: Sovereign Zalu State ‘Impessibie’ MB2002173094 Radio South Africa

Network in English 1600 GMT 20 Feb 94

a Ses our schools. From now on, we shall by any means of our children to education,” Mr Makwetu

Earlier, PAC national organiser Maxwell Nemadzivha- nani appealed to supporters not to “give your vote for co-option under the guise of power-sharing”. He said the PAC did not need necklacing, secret deals or the promise of a volkstaat [homeland] to its oppressors to win votes.

“Uniess the elections are rigged, the PAC will win.”

Further on Manifesto

MB2002174594 Johannesburg SAPA in English 1611 GMT 20 Feb 94

[By Earico Kemp)

[Text] Cape Town Feb 20 SAPA—The Pan Africanist Congress [PAC] will abolish all private land transactions once land has been i restored to “the people”, according to the PAC’s election manifesto.


The manifesto rejects any protection of freehold title or the acquisition of land on a “willing buyer, willing seller”

hands of a few and family trusts will eee through anti-trust laws and dereg-

The PAC also the introduction of a wealth tax to supplement taxation, which would in turn form the basis of state revenue. Indirect taxes will continue to

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its will ognise the right to collective for all workers, including domestic and farm as well as the right to withhold labour.

A minimum wage will be enacted and enforced by law will be abolished.


22 February 1994



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ANC Canvaseers Killed in Attack in Seuthern above Mr MB1902092894 Johannesburg Radio South Africa Pn gc het

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[By Dirk van Zyl]

Miavihy Seely HL | i | i i ia jt i TSE tt i i “af: f ‘iw gasies GPile Ht i a a mie

gs feebity iyinl 13 i ee niL sill ie ated rel sees « e4ih 83 i £5833 a | ea at Hy i i IL al tilt 33 Ea ui de ii HaHin

ee ee ATS UB Lb 1 ea He HE ee Ee ET A aa | ; 3 bass 5 ii p25 = rt » | Hess aij ifs ik g Ai) Hy aii cet EE aif ites G5, ma et Nan ade iat Wie ees alga UG, it i ue eh pith ‘hl : : ai TBE ee ae Via itt din i 5 14 i ie hae Hl li es Linh 1a pub: it aul wi mf F “98 al Tyjeaeegel 12 Hk i ea fined. {eal uF aalisteagt oh ey a 1 i He ne he ae ee = bisa O58: suet rf i ii HH Hale Mi al ad ania al




“tithium-6 separation for the tritium for possible future use in boosted devices”.

William Burrows and Robert Windrem.

Much of what South African officials withheld from the public was told to the Vienna-based International Energy Corporation “received some tritium in 1977, but after the withdrawal of a small sample for the verifica- SFO Ce. Se ag ee CD oe During that time, according to the IAEA document,


political leaders to carefully during this time Se Sere Sree t see é GUARDIAN in English 18-24 Feb 94 p

Cooperation With Ieracl en Missile Development


as a Ba cu een Hilti. Hal a mei aa et

ert via ei ate Hi li aad f ul i Hb Jigit & pet Fe 37 a i Het itt int pi iu HE af : Hf al Hl 1 ut TH viel pul


fils iy li HEH Hi ii Hi al

14 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA 22 February 1994 programme. He called for the nuclear industry to be _—victims of apartheid’s injustices, end with a new more opened to full public scrutiny. i life with values that underpin commitment and faith in a new society.” Joint Fighter Project With Israel Noted SATURDAY STAR

MB2102142294 Johannesburg BUSINESS DAY in English 21 Feb 94 p 1

ext] South Africa and Israel are

Afri = “Put ‘he unhappiness in the Freedom Alliance over the manner in which the package was presented points to a deep-seated mistrust of the parties that made the posals. This suspicion will hopefully

L i rf ik HE


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| H EES it h

resolved the homeland issue. And it is not easy. In the

an own territory. Clear demands must be presented, which can then be entrenched in a new constitution. It is


22 February 1994

Reis eRe, nay a Ge | : jaa Hl Hi ale Blue eta al idl nee Hoes a Hips 3 Fi é i: ett sai THE Hi Well Af a att (; Aisi 233 aa 3 | ii tine hi hit HH fe ils ll raid ~ pi hi TE neat hail aa ATE Le i iatitenidiy, f jullie el ie Bay AL : leas duel aif ae E ula ; Bers ites E i! aut HSE il iis iH tr a cuit ipa fi! Hf ie lth A



UNITA Accepts Only 1 of Mediators’ 18 Proposals

LD2002194794 Lisbon Radio Renascenca in Portuguese to Europe 1800 GMT 20 Feb 94

[Text] The National Union for the Total

opinion, should be done to achieve national reconcilia- tion. UNITA only used one of the medistors’ sugges-

On Tuesday [15 February] morning, when the goverr.- ment’s ion handed in its response, UNITA said it

MB2102204794 Luanda TPA Television Network in Portuguese 1930 GMT 21 Feb 94

{Telephone report by correspondent Joao Ligio in Lusaka]

[Speech by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos to the Council of Ministers at the Palace of the Congress in

Luanda on 21 February—recorded] [Text] Dear Prime Minister and members

of the Council of Ministers: Today, we shall analyze the t’s social and economic that defines

stabilize the national currency, increase salaries, make investment viable, and recover economic growth.

Some of the measures are harsh, but intentions are good. This time, we predict that we will be able to move from


ee ee eee eke oe innocent people. It has been destroying economic infra- structure. It has hindered or impeded productive work as re ee a ee ee

tions in various parts of the country. It has been killing

SOUTHERN AFRICA support and to reequip the had initially been for national reconstruc-

Thos 8

implemented only because of a lack of firmness or failure deal with problems arising from the economic crisis and army and the police.

to carry out the required tasks at the right time.

22 February 1994

emergency, the state has been forced to divert important resources to provide

earmarked for the economy and

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gency to



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only prosper with prolonged war, to pretend to be


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i ae HE He Hpiee a4 3 432 ; B i Ha |

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coun, Ferra to control

Despite the (?attacks), the situation is under the full control of the government forces.


ae | TET

MB2102193794 Luanda Radio Nacional Network in

ae a

That note also said that the FAA forces released

men, women, and children from UNITA captivity

area of (7Dembos) [words nduiead aabeie tote other civilians turned themselves over to the authorities.

i ant i Hi

FBIS-AFR-94-035 22 February 1994 Custems Discovers Container ef Arms From Seuth

MB1802164294 London BBC World Service in English 1515 GMT 18 Feb 94

: int iit a

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or land cargo—were contacted today and they say that the eddresece, really, they do not know who it is, we do not know. the Agricultural Development Corporation has just been framed. Or they know something—-it was something that was done dy the back door. ' [Skeat] What are the and customs officials saying about this whole

ee Se Se Sart cee woe Seve Sete Dee did they come from?

[Simango] It is quite clear that these arms and ammuni- tion have from South Africa, because there is a documert which clearly indicates an import and export permit from the South African Police. In fact, this


document, half of it is written in English and half of it, particularly the import and export permit, is written in

eee indistinct)?

[Simango] Not at the moment. Apparently, most of the politicians are not aware of this discovery yet. [end

Report on Opposition Leader Sparks Death

4B1802220794 Paris AFP in English 1555 GMT 18 Feb 94

“we had overwhelming evidence” to back up the story. “The paper remains unshaken as long as we report the truth,” Simango

22 February 1994


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Hi Li ;| elite WE ha HL Hy

GoW a fie bed aid Hie batty iE

H ult Mi ‘lif HUE iH Hee He (litt 8589822 A E a4 ip Ht AL:

a i a Et

l ute ei till Ht ifs il i Ih i

ee rn aE te Daf

Me ea se seca eT

1 ioe HUE ili ti Hi BE H fi: Hii i

may Ht GL a ty Hy ai Het i ilu ip: ii till H. dite HI at If ie HL 2 RHI UT GEE He il ij pith Ht Ra as TE aeale IG ally jell ye HUH i ee tai Be 77 334]; TLE Hf Ae MUNG ve WA

Solee items ennditnas to Go omeet you (Serrano} Although the PPLM

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is aware that our country

Seeeioc eae

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, Sen

the country, in Feng gehen te ok pe

f w)


rhe Head spate qnat eamnat

Ye iy tp nag ny ry is the best fo: the ours where stands fo: tendency thee y

2 Eee think is the best for Mozambique’?

aie oe

et a : as i i Tae pit We i: i if Hib ge HE a ai Pt

Hit ig dif i hee i Hi i ee i it ee ie i Hi


rf Ua fi La 1 if ata : Ue jaa Hi pall Tt i ail Nie PYLE Wan vay Pa + eH il le beady diye Gu yw Be TE HALLE

sete: Ftd: i al! AH 4qjiyaii i Mia eT a ee ae eT a H HEE lug Hail iy THe at 2 IRE HT GH tnt ANG inh Ld me ae | m se ni AE a ni i i i i tik sie Hi i Lye ae Sai ic TE


against Nigeria to gain undeserved sympathy from the ity. | indistinct) Senegal

Landing Savane—were arrested this evening in Dakar, it same sources

| | 7

3 | :

THE Hy 4 ‘al hee HEE

death of six people, i

Given this, I believe that it is the duty of the relevant authorities to look for a link between these tragic events


FBIS-AFR-94-035 22 February 1994

from nowhere. It came from the meeting that took place

the government's drift toward authoritarianism. As for the Muslim organization Aira [as heard], ines Wal Moustarchidate, which was

4: i : 3

E Hi : is 25 z



Ty {i il i


t | E ; t

H Hf | if if it


a warrant. Also it is difficult to see how the Senegalese Government has still not given any reasons for the arrests. We are therefore asking for the immediate removal of these restrictive conditions as well as the immediate and unconditional release of Wade, Savane, and all the other people who were unjustly arrested with them. [end recording]

[Prefect] What

Second Round <4 Voting Held; Vielence Reported wens AB2002170294 Lome Radio Lome in French

1230 GMT 20 Feb 94



22 February 1994


f:? F aged $2208 sities LF

i | A i Hite fil F ileal WI ivi 3} STA EB HEGNIE AOGRIERE fet dia it il He i jt enti Haba oral a a $ HE i: i ATT Hilti Hl aie ine Ait HI iH He

21 Feb 94

at a

edt Hi Seat : ‘ih Hf i : Sale ail hie! A a8 sist HET i i ality Gl ate a if i fil iat Hil sett Lin Hi

toring team, Burkina Faso’s Hermann Y: vote had gone “relatively well” with a

one site, and fled in a minibus with ballot boxes.

Haho South was one of the 11 wards contested as head-to-heads between Eyadema’s Togolese People’s

Party (RPT) and opposition forces led by the CAR.

The vote marks the culmination of a troubled transition to democracy set in motion in August 1991, and could spell the end of Eyadema’s 27-year-long monopoly on power.

The armed men, who travelled between polling booths in a@ minibus with covered number plates, were

The UFC’s Lome representative denied his party had ee on A

The campaign leading up to the run-off round of voting saw two bomb attacks and the deaths in a fire of three

Under the constitution, the president must desiguate as prime minister a member of the party in majority in

The results of the second round must be sent to the Supreme Court for official proclamation by midnight Wednesday at the latest, and the new assembly will be Officially installed on March 1.

Opposition Claims ‘Absolute Majerity’ ey ae Paris AFP in English 1835 GMT

opposition Monday [21 Februarv] it had won an , Y majority following the country’s ingbe Eyadema’s monopoly on power

FBES-AFR-94-035 22 February 1994

who are ready to contribute their capacities and concern to serve to work for national redress under the high authority of the head of state.

Yao Agboyibo, the leader of the Action Committee for Renewal [CAR], the main opposition , told reporters that his party and its allies had an absolute majority having won 41 seats in the 81-member

5 F

Twenty-four parliamentary seats were at stake run-off round of the elections, with the opposition sure of taking 12 seats and well placed in seven other constit-

Under the terms of the constitution, the victory of the opposition, if confirmed, obliges Eyadema to name a inister from the ranks


The opposition leader added that his becoming prime minister would depend upon Eyadema accepting his government's programme.

“Cohabiting with Eyadema is the problem. We'll have to negotiate the cohabitation,” he said. The Constitution demands that the t, respon-

governmen sible to the National Assembly, should “lead and deter- mine national policy”.

The head of state decrees and orders and promul- gates laws. He can parliament but not during the 12 months following an election.

aca Gee earns cn cenat 8 Caste of eats pases, adding wanted “to see

sate ioe tovahoed inhpebli afta”

Since Eyadema took power in 1967, he and his followers in the RPT have maintained an unbroken absolute rule except for during the first few months of the transition period started in August 1991.

Agboyibo admitted fears for his security. “There have been death threats against me and my deputies,” he said,

Opposition Takes 2-Seat Lead

4AB2102213094 Paris AFP in English 2118 GMT 21 Feb 94

[Text] a 21 (AFP)—Togo’s pro-democracy

opposition a two-seat lead over parties backing President Gnassingbe Eyadema in the country’s first multi-party according to partial official results

omitted] For the second round, the break- down for the 20 seats is as follows: The Action Com- mittee for Renewal has obtained 14 seats; the Togolese

22 February 1994


i i ify i ei | na a Ti su i fall fi Hl ‘ut Hi its Hi HH: ne iilil Mi ft ai ats a nei wy RHA TEE

Bas = Seeesats i iit p i i i it pi ae apne I! th dt i Ina Ti ait te ee Mae


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