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Jo You Need .tuestions or A New Permit? Problems? hi You If your RTA Reduced Fare Card Call CTA’s Toll-Free Customer = = expires on or before Dec. 31, 1999 Service Hot Line at: Have Th IS - and you ride the CTA train system, you need to get a new RTA Reduced 1-888-YOUR-CTA Regional Transportation Authority Fare Permit. (1-888-968-7282) See | are

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You may continue to use your current 1-888-CTA-TTY1 Dee CmPinaTION DE RTA Reduced Fare Card as a “flash” (1-888-282-8891) for hearing and 12/31/99 ID card on buses and Metra only. speech-impaired only. \ ee We encourage you to switch to the ; me, [Plar(S]or (DO0000003 new permit, even if you do not use Spel Nebaay aircuduinday, ==cta Meta

CTA trains. 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The new permit allows you to use -_ or Stolen Cards Yo U MN sYsve

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value feature. The Reduced Fare Permit is as Th IS :

valuable as cash and cannot be ow To Get replaced or refunded. Keep it in Regional . a safe place. Transportation Authority A New Permit 7 Reduced Fare Permit /"rrarenvce If your permit is lost or stolen, vere Call 836-7000; or, for hearing call 836-7000 for a replacement a and speech-impaired only, application. Once application 312-836-4949. Tell the agent if you and replacement fee ($5 for first / Metta. are a senior citizen or a rider with time; $10 for additional) is Leerssen ct disability; they will direct you to the received by RTA, the card is 02/29/2000 closest registration center. mailed within 7 to 10 days. ae : (P) or (S) or (D)0000001 Bring in your current Reduced e Fare Card and a wallet-sized color T, : photo (some registration centers ravel Info: take photos for a fee). Cards 836-7000 RTA Reduced Fare Permits are are free. TTY: (312) 836-4949 needed by seniors 65 and older, Once application is completed, Flalomale(-yecm tame ley: lel ase

: tae Published by CTA C icati i : naralie mailed wilh 440.6 weeks Published by GTA Communications to qualify for reduced fares

How To Use New Reduced Fare Permits

As A Stored Value Card

This convenient, reusable plastic card stores cash value for rides on CTA and most Pace routes, then deducts exact reduced fares and transfers as shown:

One Side... ee eeeeeeeeeceeeeeeeeeeeee $.75 First transfer use within two NOuIS ..........0000 $.15

Second transfer use within two hours ................++ FREE

To use the Permit as a stored value card: insert it into any turnstile or bus farecard machine with magnetic stripe facing you; remove it; go through.

¢ Charge or recharge them only at Transit Card vending machines at all CTA stations in any amount from to $91.

¢ Insert the exact amount you want charged. These machines do not give change. However, change machines are in all train stations.

* Get bonus savings with minimum charge or recharge of $10.00. For every $10.00 you put in, get a $1.00 bonus.

Bonus savings at vending machines

Insert cash Bonus At least $10.00 oo... eeeeeeeee $ 1.00 At least $20.00 uo... .eeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeeee $ 2.00 At least $30.00 uo... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee $ 3.00 At least $40.00 oo... eeeeeeeeee $ 4.00 At least $50.00 uo... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee $ 5.00 At least $60.00 uo... .eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee $ 6.00 At least $70.00 uo... eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee $ 7.00 At least $80.00 uo... eeeeeeeeeeeeeee $ 8.00 At least $90.00 uo... ee eeeeeeeeee $ 9.00

li You Have A Reduced Fare Monthly Pass

First, insert Reduced Fare Monthly Pass into any bus farecard machine or turnstile; remove it.

Then, insert Reduced Fare Permit; remove it; go through.


Insert & Insert &

lr You Prefer

Paying With Cash...

You Must Still Carry Your Permit.

On buses: Before paying, insert your permit into the farecard machine. This will let the operator know that you qualify for a reduced fare. When your card is returned to you, insert your cash fare.

At Rail Stations:

1. Show your permit to [F>=s== the station Customer || custetizt Assistant (if needed, |} 4Ssistany push the Customer Assistance Call Button near the turnstiles).

2. Insert and remove your permit into the turnstile, with the magnetic strip facing you. This will identify you as a reduced fare rider.

3. Pay your exact cash fare into the turnstile. The Customer Assistant will unlock the turnstile; go thru. Turnstile will issue transfer if needed.